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mightyTIMER Duo is an intelligent 2-channel (relay) time switch with scheduling capabilities based on real-time clock and location based astronomical clock (follow location’s sunset/sunrise time), configurable by Smartphone App (Android / iOS) & Web Panel. It can also be used as a Countdown Timer, Impulse Timer and Cyclic Timer. It can be connected with WiFi internet to remotely access, control & configure your applications from anywhere in the world.

about mightyTimer

mightyTIMER is a product manufactured by MEMIGHTY, a technology products manufacturing company with domains into IoT, Energy Savings, Robotics, Convenience, Consumer, Industry, Machine Analytics, Access Systems & Security Technologies.

mightyTIMER is a programmable digital & astronomical time switch, finds its applications for lighting automation as well as for automating appliances (machineries, air conditioners, etc.) based on timing. Astronomical Time Switch functionality of mightyTIMER is very easy to use as it uses GPS & automatically detects latitude & longitude of a location for the most accurate sunrise & sunset times for lighting applications. It has time offset technology for sunrise/sunset based time programming of lights for smart power savings.

  • How we are different from available timers?

      Easiest Configuration by Smartphone App

      Existing switches works as it is

      Hassle-free installation

      Multi-functional (All-In-One Timer)

      Smart Update Mode: Update multiple timers by just clicking “update” once & passing by the range of timers or using Over-The-Air update using WiFi / WiFi Internet)

      Manual Switch operation

      Automatic caputure of latitude/longitude for astronomicaltimings (sunset/sunrise time) through GPS location.

      Internet based time switch control & automation.

      Get Current Sensor Alerts*

      Energy Efficiency – Program zones of Lighting / Air Conditioners, etc. by multi-channel programming of mightyTIMER

      Automatic Manual to Auto Mode Changeover

  • Tips to use mightyTIMER with different types of load

      High Capacity Load – Using suitable contactor

      Three Phase – Using suitable contactor

*Current Sensor is required to be purchased extra from MEMIGHTY. Not included with mightyTIMER

mightyTIMER - Features

Feedback Display:

OLED Display for information of mightyTIMER Operation

Energy Efficiency:

Two channel output contacts for creating power saving zones

Single Channel Timer:

Single Channel Operation also possible

Smart Channel Programming:

Individual Channel Programming also possible


Controlled by RTC (Real-Time Clock); Most accurate timing

DC Compatible Operation:

mightyTIMER Duo is capable of operation with DC power supply ranging from 24 V DC to 200 V DC.

Week Schedule:

7 – day Scheduling

Special Date Scheduler:

Schedule Special Day (Date) of the year (Festival, Occasion, etc.)

Simple & Easy Configuration:

Easiest configuration via Smart Apps available for Android, iOS Devices & Web Panel.


Fits in existing system

DIN Rail:

DIN Rail mounting socket for easy, fast and tidy installation

Manual Switch:

Manual/Switch operation remains unchanged; Users can switch ON/OFF Load(s) connected to mightyTIMER using physical switch.

Long Life:

10 Years Battery Reserve for RTC

Auto LatLong:

Auto-Detect Latitude and Longitude, fed via App using Smartphone GPS. Location based astronomical lighting ensures auto-detect sunset/sunrise time of any place

Astronomic Offset:

Energy Savings using Smart offset for astronomical clock (e.g: Turn OFF streetlights before 12 minutes of Sunrise Time due to natural light suitable)

Schedule & Events History:

Availability of Schedule & events history in App

History Sharing:

History reports available for sharing (Email/WhatsApp, etc.)


Live system analytics in App

Preference Profile Saving:

Save & Export schedule list for programming of multiple mightyTIMERs with same schedule profile

Remote Monitoring & Control:

Through WiFi Internet – Control from Anywhere

Current Sensor Alerts:

Using mightyTIMER’s Current Sensor, you can set thresholds for alerts to detect fault in loads (streetlights, machineries, etc.) connected to mightyTIMER

Current Sensing Capabilities:

Current Sensor has both Single Phase and Three Phase sensing capabilities

Astronomical Timer for Street Light Control:

IoT based Remote Monitoring & Management system for fault detection using Current Sensor and multiple mightyTIMERs control for street lights

SIM Card Compatible:

Connect mightyTIMER with a SIM Card compatible Wireless Router and control from anywhere in the world using Cellular (SIM Card) Internet


All-In-One Timer functions; Cyclic Timer, Countdown Timer, RTC & Astronomical Scheduler, Impulse Generator. It is a complete IoT Automation & Timer Switch.

Device Security:

OTP based mightyTIMER Access. Only users with access permission can connect with & control mightyTIMER Device(s)

Customize Access Permissions:

Assign device to anyone just by adding their mobile number or restrict somebody by simply removing them from Device Sharing.

Automatic Manual to Auto Changeover:

Manual switching of mightyTIMER will interrupt the ongoing schedule; mightyTIMER switches to Auto Mode (Scheduling Mode) at the time of next schedule. Thus, It is not required to switch mightyTIMER from Manual to Auto Mode

OTA Update:

Advanced Hardware Design enables Over-The-Air Firmware update & programming

AIN Configuration:

AIN refers to Automatic Identification of Devices in Network. It is a revolutionary integration feature invented by MEMIGHTY for users to integrate mightyTIMER Duo device(s) easily with their network. One touch configuration to identify WiFi IP & Port Addresses which can be done by any user without any need of technical / network programming.

Modes of Operation

mightyTIMER Duo is stacked with 9 modes of operation.

It can Switch ON/OFF load connected to it using:

Fixed Time Scheduler

As per Real-Time Clock (RTC), set Time schedule configured via Smartphone App

Smart Mode

Combination of Fixed Time Scheduler and Astronomic Time Scheduler

Special Date Scheduler

Schedule mightyTIMER Duo for occasion with specific Date of the year

Remote Access

Control mightyTIMER Duo using App via WiFi Internet

Impulse Mode

Generate preset duration pulse output

Manual Switch

Switch ON/OFF load connected to it using manual switch

Astronomic Time Scheduler

As per astronomical time of Sunrise/Sunset based on latitude/longitude set via Smartphone App

Countdown Timer

Schedule switch ON/OFF after a preset time period. Manually triggered by physical switch &/or App

Cyclic Timer

Schedule to switch channels ON/OFF at preset times over a period, then repeat the cycle.
During Cyclic Timer Mode, Physical Switch &/or App based Manual ON/OFF is not possible.

Connectivity Modes

Using WiFi protocol, there are 4 connectivity modes for mightyTIMER Control & Configuration.

Direct Connectivity: WiFi Hotspot (Range: ~30 meters)
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WiFi Intranet (Range: Local Network)
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WiFi Internet (Range: Internet – Control from Anywhere in the world)
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SIM Card Internet Hotspot (Range: Internet – Control from Anywhere in the world)
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The Configuration App

Simple. Intuitive. Configuration App.

mightyTIMER’s Configuration App is a simple setup tool for all electricians & industrial engineers to schedule, program & control time based applications using mightyTIMER. You can control mightyTIMER using PC via Remote Monitoring Web Panel.

You can even configure a special schedule on a particular date with mightyTIMER Duo.

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Just 3 steps to configure mightyTIMER:

1. Connect with mightyTIMER

2. Set your preferences (Example: Set fixed time Schedules or let timer depend on sunrise/sunset time of location (Astro Mode))

3. Save your preferences

Set it & Forget it!

  Forget hassles of changing schedules in every season. Yes, that’s smart!

  All data of schedules saved in mightyTIMER (hardware)

  By Connecting the mightyTIMER with WiFi Internet, control and monitor mightyTIMER from anywhere using App over internet.

  Device Sharing - Share Device with your colleagues, engineers, teams, friends or family.


Concept – Energy Efficient Lighting Automation using mightyTIMER Duo

mightyTIMER Duo is best deployed in standalone small, medium or large scale outdoor lighting applications. It can be programmed for zone based lighting control. Please go through the following examples for understanding concept of energy efficiency and energy saving using mightyTIMER Duo product.


Technical Specifications

Product Code MTW2A
HSN Code 8542
Product Name WiFi mightyTIMER Duo – A with Remote Monitoring License Key
Product Type Multi-Functional Wi-Fi IoT Astronomical Time Switch
Display OLED
Status/Process LED Yes
Display Resolution 128 x 64
Module Dimensions (in mm) 100 x 56 x 25
Colour Black/White
Output Channels 2 Channel
Rated operational range

AC: 230 V / 110 V AC (50/60 Hz)
DC: 24 V to 200 V DC

Contact Rating 5 A
*For higher load operation, use suitable contactor
Phase Single Phase
*Compatible with 3 Phase using suitable contactor
Operation Modes

1. Fixed Time Scheduler
2. Astronomic Time Scheduler (Sunrise / Sunset Time)
3. Smart Mode
4. Special Date & Time Scheduler
5. Countdown Timer
6. Cyclic Time
7. Impulse Mode
8. Remote Access
9. Manual Switch

Installation Base (Direct In-Series) / Din Rail
Battery Reserve (RTC) 10 Years
Connectivity WiFi (Hotspot & Internet)
WiFi Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Configuration & Control App – Android, iOS and Web Panel
No. of Schedules (Time Based) 50
No. of Special Schedules (Date Based) 25
Count of Available Schedule & Event History 300

Yes,Current Sensor
(Single Phase & Three Phase)
*To be purchased extra, Not included with mightyTIMER Duo

Current Sensor Capacity 30 A, 50 A, 100 A
*As per Current Sensor Type
Package Contents 1x mightyTIMER Duo, Product Manuals
Warranty 12 Months repair/replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.


mightyTIMER finds its applications in wide range, from automating outdoor lighting to standalone automation of specific lights, appliances & machineries; mightyTIMER is fit for any segment – Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, etc.

“Let your imagination soar with All-In-One Time Switch – mightyTIMER”

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Campus Lighting

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Sign board Lighting

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Building Lighting Automation

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Advertising Hoardings

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Street Lighting

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Staircase Lighting

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Industry Lighting

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Township Lighting

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Water Motor Pumps

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Pooja RoomsTemple

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Water Heaters/Geysers

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Parking Lighting

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Passage Lighting

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Decoration or Occasional Lighting

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Machinery(3D Printers, Textile Machinery, Air Conditioners, etc.)

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Server Rooms (Air Conditioner Cyclic Switching)

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Motorized Gate Automation (Dry Contact Motor)

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Motorized Curtain / Blinds Automation (Dry Contact Motor)

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Motorized Shutter Automation (Dry Contact Motor)

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Home Automation

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